Slayer Guild Charter

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Slayer Guild Charter

Post  uebersoldat on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:39 am

The Slayer Guild

The purpose of the Slayer Guild is to form a group of compatible, like-minded players to explore singly or in groups, areas of Nork, Aleria, Cobrahn and other environs.

The Slayer Guild accepts members, by consent of the majority of present members, who have reached Level 15 minimum.

The Slayer Guild does not power-level.

The Slayer Guild does not focus on equipment for equipment’s sake.

The Slayer Guild aims to be a cohesive group that operates in a supportive manner for each player, regardless of level.

The Slayer Guild will help newcomers learn the game and how best to play it. Slayers are encouraged to remember that they, too, were Level 1 when they started.

The Slayer Guild does not encourage over-outfitting newcomers or relatively low-level players. While this seems to be beneficial, it has been demonstrably shown that such over-outfitting can, and very often does, have a deleterious effect on the overall progress of the player. Short-cuts, too often, short-circuit the learning process.


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